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Physical exercise and productivity

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Posted by MadaboutDana
Nov 17, 2011 at 07:25 PM


Very interesting! Especially Daly’s revelations about push-ups as therapy - I’m not surprised to hear it, mind.

I’ve been pretty intensely active since my early teens, but found myself gaining unexpected - and unwelcome - weight as I approached 50. I realised I was a classic “sporadic” exerciser - vigorous exercise for a couple of months, gradually tailing off into minimal/zero exercise as I grew bored/jaded/disillusioned. So I went back to the drawing-board and read up as much about modern approaches to exercise as I could find. What a revelation! I didn’t know anything like as much as I thought I did. So about a year and a half ago I started training regularly again, but this time using principles like constant variety and periodisation to keep my mind (and body) interested. And I’ve been training happily ever since (aided and abetted by my 15-year-old son, who has ambitions to look like Arnold, but without the steroids). I can honestly say I’m stronger now than I was in my mid-20s. Oooh - that sounds so wonderfully clich?d! How satisfying!

Two of my ongoing inspirations are Charles Poliquin (who brings a wealth of scientific study to the whole thing) - - and a fascinating Dutch doctor who was an early exponent of “primal” training (the caveman - or paleolithic - diet, use of natural objects as training equipment, getting out in the fresh air etc. etc.). He’s in his seventies and lives in California - of course - and can be found at

Exercise and vigorous hill walking both work as anti-depressants for me; also hanging upside down (and doing upside down chin-ups) has a remarkably invigorating effect, especially during that sugar-downer period mid-afternoon… Without exercise, I soon stop working efficiently, as my wife tends to point out if I’ve spent too much time with nose to the grindstone.


Posted by MadaboutDana
Nov 17, 2011 at 07:27 PM


Sorry - I meant, of course, upside-down situps, like Jackie Chan in The Big Brawl (Battlecreek Brawl). I can’t say I’m very good at them, but I can do a few (heh, heh, puts these youngsters to shame, heh…)


Posted by JBfrom
Nov 18, 2011 at 02:38 AM


You might try kettleball swings. THey’re lower impact which allows you to return to work more quickly.


Posted by Daly de Gagne
Nov 18, 2011 at 02:52 AM


I’ve been thinking of getting kettle bells. Any suggestions what range of weights, best exercises? I think they’d fit well with the various exercise breaks I take.


JBfrom wrote:
>You might try kettleball swings. THey’re lower impact which allows you to return to
>work more quickly. 


Posted by JBfrom
Nov 18, 2011 at 12:02 PM


Tim Ferriss’ blog and book “the 4 hour body” will steer you right

except I’d recommend lighter weights for work breaks since heavy exercise will break concentration


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