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Zen, productivity and innovation

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Posted by Alexander Deliyannis
May 1, 2012 at 03:44 PM


I found this post by Neil Crofts quite interesting within the context of this forum

Among other points, Neil mentions the following example:

“In 1983 R. W. Montgomery, the owner of a chemical plant in Detroit, instituted Transcendental Meditation with fifty-two of the company?s one hundred workers. These ranged from managers to employees who worked the line. A program was implemented where each meditated for twenty minutes before coming to work and again for twenty minutes in the afternoon on company time.

The results were well recorded. In three months, employees stated they had more energy and were able to handle stress better. They also had fewer physical complaints and lower cholesterol levels. Over the next three years these results improved and expanded. It was confirmed that absenteeism fell by 85%, productivity rose 120%, injuries dropped 70%, and profits increased by 520%.”

I admit that my own experience with meditation and spirituality has been two-edged: yes, I do tend to be more creative and less stressed—in fact I have found nothing better than meditation to deal with really stressful situations- but I also tend to care less about the outcome!


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